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Get your work done faster with Powermax plasma

If you farm, you know there's just not enough time to finish all the work you have to do. If a tractor breaks or fence fails, you need to fix it quickly and move on to the next thing on that never ending to-do list.

That's why farms and ranches of all sizes use Powermax® plasma. This versatile and highly portable cutting and gouging tool makes quick work of any job involving metal. Doesn't matter if its mild steel, stainless steel, or something else. If it's conductive Powermax will slice right through it. Even painted and rusted metal is no problem.

Cutting and gouging on the farm

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Plasma use on the farm

Perhaps more so than other occupations, famers understand the threat of the unexpected. They know they should never take the good times for granted as it only takes one cruel twist from mother nature to destroy a season’s worth of work. But amid this uncertainty, there is one constant: the need to produce as much as they can in good times as a cushion for the bad times. Keep reading.

Powermax with a hand torch
- Maintain trucks, tractors and other farm vehicles
- Repair combine harvesters, balers, and other equipment
- Repair chemical or irrigation sprayers
- Fix and maintain fencing, silos, and outbuildings
- Remove old welds easily with plasma gouging

Powermax on a small CNC table

- Fabricate beveled edges and holes for tractor parts, brackets, and gussets
- Cut A, V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation
- Supplement farm income during the off-season