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Teaching plasma is easy with Hypertherm's
Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice

curriculum kit. Hypertherm part number 850730.

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What you get:
  • AWS SENSE approved curriculum.
  • Up to a 10-hour course that includes everything you need to teach students how to cut with plasma.
  • A mix of traditional lecture and hands-on exercises make it easy to reach students with a range of learning styles.
  • Students will know what plasma is and how it cuts.
  • Students will be aware of common industrial uses for air plasma.
  • Students will be able to describe how plasma differs from other thermal cutting methods.
  • Students will learn proper setup and operation of air plasma systems.
  • Students will know proper consumable installation configurations and usage.
  • Students will be able to safely operate and air plasma system.
  • Students will be able to evaluate cut quality.
  • Students can execute a variety of cuts and gouges on various materials.

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