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Cutting and gouging in hard to reach areas

Hypertherm HyAccess™ consumables extend 3" (76mm) longer for better
accessibility when cutting in confined spaces like inside a wheel well or engine compartment.

"Not having to preheat gives us a 5 minute advantage over oxyfuel..."

"The narrow profile allows the plasma to make a cleaner and closer cut than oxyfuel..."

"The cut speed is three times faster."

The ability to cut or gouge in hard to reach areas is great for anyone doing customization or restoration work. Learn more about HyAccess.
5 reasons you need plasma 

1. Plasma can cut just about any metal including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless, and cast iron—even if rusted, painted, or dirty.

2. Plasma is great for gouging letting you can remove old welds and spot welds without damaging the original parts.

3. Plasma produces a much smaller heat affected zone so you don’t have to worry about warping, disturbing, or weakening nearby metal.

4. Plasma is fast and provides superior cut quality, little or no secondary cleanup operations, and no pre-heating so you can do more in less time.

5. Plasma is easy so even a first-time plasma operator can achieve good quality results within minutes of first picking up a plasma torch.

Need more reasons to choose the plasma? Read 10 reasons you need plasma.

Not your grandfather's plasma

Automotive expert JoAnn Bortles explains why no other system compares to a Powermax. Read blog post.

Read about more cutting techniques that JoAnn used to remove panels on a '67 Firebird in this article.
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"My previous experience with plasma cutting happened 30 years ago and was so awful that I never wanted to use one again."
- JoAnn Bortles
Gouging and spot weld removal

One of plasma's many advantages when working on cars and trucks is its ability to gouge and remove spot welds. Watch.

See plasma in action

Hypertherm's Michael Vanvakaris uses plasma on a number of restoration jobs including his '51 Mercury. Watch.

Customizing or restoring a car or truck?